Maybe you have a venue and would like to add some Fairy Sparkle to it?

Maybe you work with children and would like to run an event with Mel?

Maybe you would like Mel to organise an Event for you?

Our Annual Events include Fairy Days at various locations and we also have a hugely popular Easter and Christmas Ball in the Stunning Ballroom at The Crown and Mitre Carlisle.This years Magical Events are as follows:

  • Easter Ball
  • May Fairy Day
  • Manor Fairy Day
  • Scary Fairy Dance
  • Christmas Ball

Magical Mel has been organising events since the Millennium - if you see my logo you know it is an event organised by me!

I often attend other people’s events including parties, christenings, weddings and visits. I am also happy to be a part of your event however small or huge.

My aim in life is to encourage people to BELIEVE!

Magical Mel's Costumes can suit the all seasons and events, with props, games and crafts all linked to your special event.

Get in touch to book Mel for your event!

Events Management in Carlisle, Cumbria
Magical Mel La Mac Magical Carriage
Magical Events in Carlisle, Cumbria
Magical Mel Events Management in Carlisle
Party Accessory Hire in Carlisle - Pillar Box and Dwarfs

Annual Events organised by Magical Mel

For as long as I can remember I have always believed not only in fairies but in others too and feel in this day of chaos it is so important to learn how to believe and why to believe, because by learning this we become to believe in our self.

For children, believing in fairies encourages them to look at the wider picture of life.  For adults it helps us to allow our inner child to be alive.  Imagination is an amazing thing and through what I do with my events I hope to inspire imagination in everyone who attends, to open eyes to seeing the magic and goodness that is around us every day so long as we take the time to look and see.

Fairy day was a dream four years ago when I approached Bernadette from High Head Sculpture Valley who clearly believed in my own excitement at wanting to attempt such an event in Cumbria.  Fairy events and celebrations go on all around the world all throughout the year, in the past I have been fortunate enough to attend a few Fairy Events and knew we just had to create something here in Cumbria.

Cumbrian Fairy Day continues to thrive and the event continues to grow.  Fairy Day is expanding to other venues throughout Cumbria, allowing more and more families to be a part of a truly magical event.

Cumbrian Fairy Night was created in September 2013 and though ticket sales were low, smiles and joy were had by all.  Bringing together inspiring stalls and encouraging adults to enjoy the magic was the aim and we hope the event will continue to grow over the years.

New Year New You is a yearly event raising money for charity.  It is held at the start of the year to bring about positive thoughts for the year ahead.  2013 money was raised for Poppy’s Dream Room and in 2014 we will be raising money for Eden Valley Children’s Hospice.

Magical Mel Children’s Ball was a huge success in February 2013 with tickets selling out within 2 weeks!  Children were entertained and given many treats whilst they danced around The Crown and Mitre ballroom.

As well as organising Events I have also attended many offering entertainment and activities for all.

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