Relax Kids is used in over a million homes and schools in the UK and in 37 countries - Magical Mel is a trained coach for Relax Kids sessions which can be held at Hazeldean Therapy Centre or a venue of your choice, including schools and community centres.

Relax Kids is widely used in schools, nurseries, special schools, behavioural units, children's homes, foster homes, hospitals, dentists, doctors surgeries and libraries.

Relax Kids has had positive effect on children with autism, hyperactivity, stress, sleeping problems, trauma, OCD, disruptive behaviour, depression, low self-esteem, anger and anxiety issues.

Relax Kids relaxation has helped children cope with a range of stressful situations including bullying, exams, parental divorce, bereavement, long term illness, hospital and doctor's appointments. Relax Kids works well with the gifted and talented as well as vulnerable and low achievers.

Relax Kids sessions in Carlisle from Magical Mel

Parent Introduction to Relax Kids

Various dates available to give an introduction to Relax Kids for parents.

This is 1hr 30 min workshop is for anyone working with or dealing with children.  You will learn basic relaxation techniques and pick up some great ideas to use with children.  This is a hands on workshop and participation is necessary.  This workshop is available various dates throughout the year and costs £20 per person including a CD to take away.

Get in touch to book your Relax Kids session!

More about Relax Kids

Relax Kids in Carlisle
1 in 10 children have mental health problems - key study by the Office of National Statistics

Regular relaxation can help children manage stress, anxiety while improving their concentration, focus and listening skills. Relax Kids can also improve creativity and imagination and build confidence and self-esteem. 

Relax Kids classes can support children's physical, mental and emotional health and well-being. 

Relaxing Kids Parties in Carlisle from Magical Mel

Relaxation helps release endorphins, helping children feel happy and positive. It also helps relax muscles and calm the nervous system whilst boosting the immune system so promoting general good health. Relaxation helps calm children's minds and sharpens concentration and memory retention so helping them focus. It also stimulates the imagination and so encourages self expression and self confidence.

Regular relaxation can make a huge impact to a child's life!

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